budapest opera


I’m Joy Hawley, a California native currently living in Berlin, where I write about innovative projects in independent publishing. I also translate from German and edit writing in the arts and travel sector. My forte is thoughtful, entertaining writing, and I make some mean goat cheese truffles.

My first encounter with alternative publishing was through zines. In the ’90s I was corresponding with a handful of people putting together some very creative handmade magazines, which they distributed via snail mail to fans like me. I even got a lifetime subscription to Enigma (one such zine) for sending its creator some art inspired by his work. Ten years later, I find myself in a Master’s program for publishing, still drawn to the creative projects going on at the margins of writing and bookmaking.  Nowadays people are blogging and making e-zines instead of Xeroxed and stapled pamphlets, although even the smallest presses are devoting more attention to printed books as precious objects. I have started this blog as a place to spotlight interesting, innovative projects in both digital and print publishing. I hope it inspires creators as well as curators, since, as these pages will hopefully show, creativity often thrives in the margins.


@Joyfullylost on Twitter

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